A Leader you can count on The Authority22 provides the accuracy and consistency competitive bowlers expect…and value that’s been proven on the PBA Pro Tour for years. Here, Brunswick’s Direct+ conditioning system, 39 Accu-ject injectors provide individual board-by-board application, assuring the shot on the lane matches the programmed pattern. With Direct+, conditioner is applied continuously…


Ruckus Feud

Part Number: 60-105612-93X Core Type: Ruckus Medium RG Coverstock: Class 12 Solid Reactive Finishing Steps: 500, 1,500 Siaair Micro Pad Asymmetrical Diff.: 0.013 @ 15 lbs. RG Max: 2.592 @ 15 lbs. RG Min: 2.540 @ 15 lbs. RG Differential: 0.052 @ 15 lbs. Ball Motion Featuring the new Class 12 Solid Reactive coverstock wrapped…


Jayhawk Oval Maker II

The Oval Maker II is Jayhawk’s newest mill drilling machine. Designed as a milling machine for the tighter budget, The Oval Maker II gives the ability to drill precise oval holes at a greatly reduced cost. The Tri-Oval locking ring is used to clamp the ball into the jig, insuring precision as well as safety.…


Jayhawk Tri-Oval Mill Drilling Machine

The Tri-Oval System is a top of the line system that will provide your shop with the most in high tech equipment.  The user friendly design will actually help you provide the best and most efficient service for your customers. It allows the operator to square the ball in the jig the same way each…


Jayhawk Multi-Purpose Pro Model Spinner

  • This spinner has the highest torque rating ofanything on the market. It’s new heavy duty motor lets you apply as much pressure as you like and never slow down the ball.
  • If you want a quality made spinner that will provide long term service, this is the spinner that is made for you!!

Turbo Pro Sect

  • Simple, easy to use
  • Most accurate
  • Indicates degree of angle for thumb
  • Easy to read ruler spans, full diameter of the ball
  • Assures accurate ball layouts


  • Simple, easy to use
  • Creates degree and X by X layouts
  • Finds bowlers PAP (Positive Axis Point)
  • Finds thumb oval angles

Jayhawk Axis Reversing Tool by PAI

  • Find a centerline from a bowler’s axis point in one easy step!
  • Eliminates the need to use a quarter-scale for layouts.
  • Create layouts faster, more accurately, and fewer lines.
  • Saves time and increases profits!

Jayhawk Span Tool

  • Engraved markings for long lasting use
  • Machine cut for accuracy
  • Easy to read

Jayhawk Precision Edge Gauge

  • Precisely measures cut to cut distances.
  • Copies existing grips into new layouts.
  • Marks new layouts from existing layouts.
  • Saves time and increases profits!