Brunswick is committed to developing the best bowling products in the world. Our state

of-the-art scoring system is built using the world’s leading technology and a highly compatible open architecture that gives you the ultimate control of your center while providing the optimum experience for your customers.

Raise your center’s image with the most stylish scoring consoles and spectacular monitors and get easy operation, nonstop performance and long-lasting durability.

Vector Plus boasts a long list of features like uChoose Theme Selection and Media Manager that will help you better manage your center, grow your business and improve the bowler experience. Create variety, with more than 100 preloaded score sheet designs for your bowlers to view.

Enjoy optional features like Digital Signage, Bowling Music Network, and more!


Maximize the control over your entire center with ease. With Brunswick Vector Plus Center Management System, accurately calculate, collect and track every dollar spent anywhere in your center, through one centralized and easy-to-operate system.

Increase revenue by keeping more lanes in action and maximizing lineage with lane controls and even reduce lane downtime with pinsetter controls.

Manage your center’s employees more systematically to hold down payroll costs while increasing worker productivity and effectiveness.

Vector Plus offers many more features to help you better manage your center.


Market your center, customize your system and drive incremental revenue like never before. With uChoose Media Manager, you can create your own graphics or choose from a variety of preloaded and creative ads.

Within your center, promote fun bowler features like Internet Reservations, Online Scoring, and uChoose Theme Selection. Communicate with your customers and cross-sell products and services with Digital Signage.

You can even generate added revenue by offering in-center advertising to outside businesses. The options are endless.

Ultimate Control, Optimal Experience
Start here, to learn about the global features of Vector® Plus Center Network System, designed to provide you with the ultimate in control and flexibility.

Vector® Plus Center Network System was designed to provide you with unrivaled control and flexibility. With world-class technology at its core, you can count on a full-featured, high-powered and ultra-reliable system that will grow with you and take your center to new levels of performance and profitability.


World-Class Hardware and Software
Vector Plus integrates the world’s best and most energy-efficient technologies, including Intel®-powered hardware, Microsoft ® software and Samsung® monitors. With these proven technologies at its core, Vector Plus’ performance is unbeatable.

  • Windows® operating system
  • Commercial-grade Dell® computers, keyboard, mouse
  • Laser printer, receipt printer, remote order printers (optional)
  • Pole display, cash drawer and bar code reader (optional)
  • Magnetic card readers (optional)
  • 17” Dell monitors
  • 17” and 19” ELO flat-panel touchscreen monitors

1-per-8: The Secret to Reliability
Brunswick’s exclusive 1-computer-per-8-lane scoring system architecture has four times fewer failure points than traditional configurations, so there is less potential downtime…and more potential for generating revenue.

Easy to Use

User-Friendly Interface for Ease of Use and Training
Vector Plus has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes training on and using the system quick and easy. Brunswick offers numerous training opportunities both on-site and through the Web.

Removable Flash Drive = Maintenance In a Flash
Vector Plus scoring computers feature a removable solid-state flash drive with no moving parts, making maintenance a breeze. In fact, all our industrial-grade scoring system components are removable and replaceable in the field.

Remote Management Gives You Total Control
Connect to your center from any location via the Internet, and never feel out of touch. With Vector Plus’ exclusive open architecture, you have the flexibility to use any industry-standard remote management software and control your center from your laptop, PC, iPad or other handheld device.

Scoring Consoles

Score Big With These Stylish Consoles These scoring consoles deliver outstanding, non-stop performance, quality and knockout style. Choose between our easy-to-use keypad or high-tech touchscreen consoles. Our single pedestal, wishbone pedestal and tabletop mounts offer endless installation flexibility, with highly durable construction to withstands high-traffic use. The sleek design complements any environment, and the small footprint gives you the ultimate in flexibility during installation. The two-way intercom allows bowlers and the front desk to communicate, while the friendly, simple user interface—whether high-tech touchscreens or keypads — keeps bowlers coming back for more. Special glow-in-the-dark effects are also available to enhance the cosmic bowling experience.

Scoring Monitors

Monitors Really Make The Difference Our commercial-grade, best-in-class Samsung LCD overhead scoring monitors will delight and entertain your bowlers. Samsung exclusives, such as a 3-year warranty and internal fans designed to reduce heat, provide long-lasting quality and peace of mind. These high-definition capable, commercial-grade monitors are ideal for displaying Vector® Plus scoring, TV programming, advertising and Digital Signage content. Available in 32”, 40” and 46” sizes, the monitors can be controlled remotely from the front desk. They also offer the ability to deliver scrolling banners or text messages during play or display automated marketing messages. Available in, single, double or triple monitor configurations with continuous and standard support structure. For centers with Frameworx®, AS 80/90 and Classic scoring that would like to take advantage of new technologies without changing their current scoring setup, Brunswick offers legacy system support.

Pinsetter Controls

A Great Way To Keep Downtime…Down. The Mechanic’s System puts the power right in your hands with instant messaging for easy wireless communication between the front desk and technician. Seamlessly interfaces with any manufacturer’s pinsetter to control start, stop, reset, hold, and bumper functions, as well as report and track errors. Also includes special features for GS® pinsetters including real-time mechanic error notification alerts and Stop Summary Reports. Even allows technicians to set any pin combination remotely and view stops by Error Code. With this exclusive Brunswick offering, you can increase equipment reliability and trim maintenance costs—all while saving your staff countless steps and valuable time. GS-X On-Demand Pinsetting Now you can set any pin combination—on-demand—during open play or from the front desk. On-demand pinsetting is a real benefit to serious bowlers looking for split/spare practice, and an easy way to re-establish pin positions after inadvertent resets. System integrates effortlessly with the Mechanic’s Wireless Handheld.

Ticket Depot

Encourage bowlers to visit your center by making the game more entertaining for young children and the young at heart. Grow revenue by increasing foot traffic to the game room or obtain the benefits of redemption without a game room investment. Drive incremental bowling revenue by charging a premium for Ticket Depot games or create special event packages for birthday parties, holiday gatherings or corporate functions. LED back-lit design and “glow” edges create a sense of excitement and fun. Ticket Depot exciters play on the overhead monitors when an event is achieved (strike, spare, open, etc.). “It’s a no-brainer for birthday parties,” says Marc Wiese, general manager of Airway Lanes in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Besides adding value to their party packages, Ticket Depot helps Airway manage big groups of little kids. “They head straight to the ticket box after each roll. It keeps them out of the ball returns.”

Dell Computers

Vector Plus integrates the leading energy-efficient technology, including Intel®-powered hardware with customized Dell XE Small Form Factor PC for Client computers, and a Dell T310 Server for Server computers. Dell T310 Server The Dell™ PowerEdge™ T310 server delivers enterprise-level performance, redundancy, and comprehensive right-sized manageability options in a 1-socket tower that is simple to own, deploy, and manage. Customized Dell XE Small Form Factor PC The Purpose-Built Dell™ OptiPlex™ XE delivers reliable, around-the-clock performance for challenging conditions in addition to featuring simple remote management and high stability. Original Equipment Manufacturers and Retailers alike can confidently rely on Dell’s OptiPlex XE desktop quality to embed into their brand of business.

  • Commercial-grade Dell® computers, keyboard and mouse
  • 17” Dell monitors
  • 17” and 19” ELO flat-panel touchscreen monitors

Brunswick’s Vector® Plus Center Network System integrates Windows® software to deliver the highest performance, reliability and security of any system you can buy. This system also provides for greater future upgradability compared to products that are locked into proprietary designs.

Vector® Plus Center Network System is loaded with standard software components. Learn more about these scoring, management and marketing features.

uChoose™ Standard Themes

Deliver a constant stream of fun with this huge collection of fast-paced, humorous, perfectly timed graphics designed for every age. With uChoose Theme Selection, bowlers can choose their own themed environments right at the lane, and themes are applied instantaneously so bowlers don’t have to wait. Choose from an array of creative new themes designed for every age and skill level—from kids to adults and from casual to competitive bowlers.

uChoose™ Standard ThemesuChoose™ Standard ThemesuChoose™ Standard Themes
uChoose™ Standard ThemesuChoose™ Standard ThemesuChoose™ Standard ThemesuChoose™ Standard ThemesuChoose™ Standard Themes

uChoose™ Media Manager

Drive Incremental Revenue Like Never Before!
Until now, centers had to be experts in digital media to create their own ads and custom scoring graphics. With uChoose Media Manager, you can easily create your own graphics or choose from an array of preloaded and creative new ads to promote fun bowler features. Ads can be displayed easily throughout your center on scoring consoles, overhead monitors and Digital Signage. For centers with Internet Reservations, bowlers can even make their selections before arriving at the center.

The options are endless! Create custom exciters, score sheets, commercials and Pin Indicator replay ads using any type of media (.jpg, .bmp, .mov, .mpeg, .mp3, etc.). It’s simple to edit images without an external graphics program, and once media is loaded, you can easily add or reorder.

On-Lane Display

With On-Lane Display, Bowlers Know The Score
Put bowlers in the driver’s seat with a multi-tasking display that allows players to view everything from statistical information to the performance of bowlers on other lanes. With On-Lane Display, the screen comes alive—accommodating multiple frame displays, ball speed reporting, and pin indicator information. Bowlers will also enjoy control over language selection, on-site score corrections…even automated bumper control.

With uChoose Theme Selection and custom themes, the Vector® Plus feature offers more than 100 pre-loaded, easy-to-read score sheet designs in four visually engaging styles, as well as a bold, new user-friendly interface. Configuration options include open-play, cross-lane and league modes.

Custom Themes

Custom Themes Let Everyone Shine Though!
With uChoose Media Manager, you can easily create an infinite number of custom themes for your bowlers—using photos, videos or graphics. Vector® Plus offers the ability to create an amazing range of designs with uChoose Media Manager’s easy-to-use, built-in layout tools and templates.

Use it in conjunction with the Event Host Manager for the ultimate birthday party or special event experience…or an additional revenue stream by offering score sheet advertising to complementary businesses. Mix and match preloaded themes and score sheets or create your own.

Database Marketing

Better Buzz For Better Business
There’s no quicker way to increase your revenue than to effectively market to existing customers. A comprehensive customer database increases customer visits, the time customers spend at your center, and the amount of money they spend every time they come. Now, you can automatically capture and manage valuable and actionable customer data, as well as draw from the database to implement targeted direct marketing programs based on gender, age, zip code, address, and more. You can also create custom fields to track data such as bowling score averages to target bowlers of different skill levels and generate detailed reports to examine the data. The database is even BITS compliant for easy exchange of data with other systems. Import and export data from Bowler TRAC and CDE software.

Rewards customers for purchases throughout your center and establishes point levels with corresponding rewards. It’s a great way to create valuable reports that track and analyze member spending. Includes convenient membership cards—complete with bar codes—to speed up transactions.

This promotion kit includes a customizable data collection form, flyer, coupon, poster, employee button and overhead monitor graphic. The program uses popular, standard page-layout and graphics file formats that you can easily output yourself…or supply as finished art files to any quick printer.

Point of Sale

Show Me The Money
With Vector® Plus you can accurately calculate, collect and track every dollar spent anywhere in your system – all from one easy-to-operate system.

Point of Sale (POS) stations can be dedicated to cover particular departments—such as bowling, bar and snack bar areas—or assigned to control multiple areas. And with the remote order printing feature, it’s a snap to send orders wherever they’re needed. VectorPlus is not only a great way to manage customer accounts and individual tabs, but also provides better control over package pricing and rates, as well as all aspects of payment processing.

It’s like having a finance manager on site 24/7. An ideal solution for lighter staffing hours or small centers where products are sold from one location.

Optional uChoose™ Themes

Deliver a constant stream of fun with this huge collection of fast-paced, humorous, perfectly timed graphics designed for every age. With uChoose Theme Selection, bowlers can choose their own themed environments right at the lane, and themes are applied instantaneously so bowlers don’t have to wait. Choose from an array of creative new themes designed for every age and skill level—from kids to adults and from casual to competitive bowlers.

Optional uChoose™ ThemesOptional uChoose™ ThemesOptional uChoose™ ThemesOptional uChoose™ ThemesOptional uChoose™ ThemesOptional uChoose™ Themes

Interactive Games

Competition That’s Friendly and Fun!
Our Interactive Games dramatically enhance open-play fun and league competition by allowing bowlers to compete against each other from lane to lane. In-center marketing materials come included.

Championship Racing
Race your car to the finish line by achieving goals — strikes, spares, etc. But watch out. If you cross the foul line, the car moves backward. First car to cross the finish line wins!

Fast Lane
Here, the computer randomly selects goals—strikes, spares, etc. Points are only awarded for goals when they are displayed and the lane with the most points at the end of the time period wins.

With Perfection, your bowlers decide by setting their own list of goals—strikes, spares, etc. The game will display the list of goals still needed to win and the first lane to complete all goals wins.

Pick-A-Prize Event
Each team simply selects one of three doors to reveal their prize.

Speed Strike
The lane that bowls a strike the fastest after being cued wins. All participating lanes and times of strikes are displayed.

Here, the required number of strikes is set at the start with each strike moving the rope in the team’s direction. The first team to reach the required number of strikes wins.

Walking Pin
As bowlers achieve center-defined goals, this special pin walks from lane to lane.

Digital Signage

Build Awareness, Build Sales
The Brunswick Digital Signage system can help you drive incremental revenue and improve customer service by allowing you to better communicate with your customers and cross-sell products and services. With Digital Signage, you can vividly display everything from your waiting list to your latest promotion.

The system’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to input and update display content and establish or modify display schedules. It comes with an extensive library of customizable ad templates, marketing and promotional videos, and promotional material for open bowling, league bowling, Cosmic Bowling®, snack bar, parties, pro shop and more.

Display lane assignments and advertises products and services with continuous scrolling text messaging, as well as wait lists and price menus in real time. Will also display live scoring to create added excitement during competitive play, rewarding competitive bowlers by showing high scores after each game or over the entire season.

Digital Signage even generates additional income streams through sales of advertising to other local businesses. Ads are automatically tracked and verified on the system with “proof of play” reports. Off-site flexibility allows you to manage your marketing from anywhere with full accessibility to your system via the Internet.

nternet Reservations

Online and On Target
Internet Reservations can help you increase revenue by extending your marketing reach to potential customers of all ages. Not only will customers be able to reserve lanes online in real time, but also share their reservations with family and friends through over 40 popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter—exposing you to more and more potential customers.

This system puts bowlers in control, allowing them to add food, beverages or a specific party package at the time of reservation. They can also add themselves to the wait list and track their status from any venue in the center—data is sent to the lane automatically when the reservation is issued. It’s even designed and formatted for smart phone access—a Brunswick exclusive!

Of course, you can control and/or restrict availability by selected days, time periods and lanes. Users are also able to make a deposit or pay in full and their data is kept in a customer database for future marketing.

Online Scoring

The Next Best Thing To Being There
Online scoring allows visitors to your web site from anywhere to view live scoring action for any pair of lanes in your center. Your bowlers will love the high-tech convenience of allowing family and friends to follow their progress online during a tournament or league final. It’s also a great way to reach potential customers and share the fun and excitement of bowling with the whole family.

Check out these amazing statistics from the 2010 Brunswick Euro Challenge in Paris

  • More than 21,000 viewed the tournament live
  • Almost 5,000 viewed online scoring during the finals
  • Visitors originated from more than 60 countries
  • Average visitor length was more than 30 minutes
  • Every third visitor stayed for more than one hour

League & Tournament

Keeps Record Keeping Under Control
This system allows users to efficiently handle the additional record keeping and administration that go along with hosting bowling leagues and tournament play.

It integrates with Brunswick and CDE League & Tournament applications and provides easy league accounting and record keeping, including prize fund tracking.

It also gives you the ability to create “Lite Leagues” for leagues that don’t use your administrative services, or for regular non-league clubs and groups.

Lockers & Rental Control

Easy Management, Easy Revenue!
Now you can effortlessly manage traffic for time-based products, turning valuable assets into a non-stop revenue stream. When it comes to lockers, user-defined color-coding allows you to check status (vacant, reserved, overdue, rented, expired and storage) at a glance.

Locker Management
“Banks” of lockers can be created to closely match your center’s layout and the system will even notify you of maintenance problems and generates invoice or utilization reports.

Rental Control
For billiards management, the screen layout can be designed to match your center’s table layout and the universal AC power controller can even control lighting from the front desk.