Genuine Brunswick Parts

For years, A/A-2 and GS Pinsetters have served as the backbone for bowling centers worldwide.

Only Brunswick can provide parts specially designed for your pinsetter. As the original manufacturer of the A-2, GS ® and GS-X pinsetters, Brunswick has more than 50 years of experience engineering the best parts, ensuring your machines perform their best.

The performance and value of Genuine Brunswick Parts are built on precision engineering, real-world experience and reliable customer service.



Replacement Parts for AMF Equipment

Now you have a Choice!

You don’t have to put up with;- reducing quality, high prices, late deliveries and high freight charges.

Choosing Pinspotter Parts has distinct advantages!

Pinspotter Parts is the largest independent line of replacement parts for AMF bowling equipment in Europe. We offer far more than just copy parts. By working with veteran technicians and consultant engineers Pinspotter Parts have quickly become “must haves” for many technicians.

It’s easy to make big claims, our commitment is to deliver. We understand that satisfied customers are loyal, repeat orders and recommend Pinspotter Parts to other technicians.

There is no substitute for Quality!

At Pinspotter parts we have a passion to provide the best parts, easy to fit, improved durability and functionality.

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