MyBall House Ball System

Make selecting a good-fitting house ball easier for your customers with the MyBall System from Brunswick. Our color-coded system and MyFit sizing ball allow customers to easily identify which ball will work best for them, improving bowler satisfaction.

  • Easy identification of hole size and weight. Speeds up the selection process – more time for bowling.
  • With the MyFit sizing ball, customers select from seven hole drilling sizes (XXS-XXL), then look for their preferred ball weight (6-15 pounds) with the selected hole size.
  • System includes the MyFit sizing ball with counter display and Cosmic Premium Urethane House Balls.

Hot Colors, Great Guarantee!

Hot Colors, Great Guarantee!
Turn up the heat with Brunswick house balls. These bright, glow-in-the-dark house balls radiate with light for the ultimate Cosmic Bowling® experience! Strong enough to withstand young or unskilled bowlers, Brunswick balls are an outstanding value. Six pound balls come with a one-year warranty and 7-15 pound balls carry a two-year warranty. Solid urethane construction. Available in 6 through 15 lb. sizes.

Cosmic Premium Urethane House Balls/Assorted Colors
60-105500-34X Drilled Only 6 – 15